Friday, June 02, 2006

Educational plans

What would I study if I could go back to school?

I would love to take more classes in Linguistics. I took one accent and dialect class and it was FASCINATING. Studying the roots of the different English dialects was amazing, I'd love to do more.

I wouldn't mind finishing out the Theatre degree I started. I actually think I'm only a couple of credits away. But when I switched schools, there were no Theatre classes so I couldn't take those last few.

I never conquered German. I would like to feel like I could have a real conversation in another language.

I need to study Web design and technology. If we ever get our ranch, I'll need it for advertising. Then again, Beth can do that for me!

Someone else mentioned photography, I would like to do that too. I'm good, but I would like to be great.

More Literature classes, I loved those.

Oh heck, just being back on a college campus would be great! There is always so much energy and you can feel your brain cells expanding!


Bethy said...

Yes, I can do that pesky html for you!

There is so much intersting things yet to learn - I liked reading all your various choices - it sparks so many interesting thoughts!

heather said...

I agree, it was such fun being at uni... those were the days!! You have plenty of ideas there - what a pity we can't design our own uni courses and pick and choose from all those different areas...

loonyhiker said...

I helped out with the drama club in high school but I was a "behind the scenes" girl and not the acting sort. Now, I still volunteer at the local theater which means I see some plays for free and once I was assistant prop manager which was extremely fun!

ArtcMom said...

I didn't know brain cells expanded in college! I thought we killed them all! LOL! JUST kidding!
I am right back with you for that theatre long as there is no 8:00am class.;)

Zephanee said...

I took a theatre class during my study abroad stint in England. I loved going to all of the out-of-the way shows. They were often more enjoyable than the popular shows because they made you think.

Tink said...

Notice how all of us would like to learn something in literature?

glynis said...

Many of your choices are the same as I think they sound great!