Friday, June 30, 2006

Three, three, three posts in one!

Okay, so I've been quiet the last few days. I'll try to cover the last three day's worth of blog prompts in this one entry.

First, what has made me laugh lately? One of the reasons I married Jason, is because he makes me laugh out loud every day. I can't for the life of me think of what exactly he's said recently, but I know he's cracked me up. George continues to have a laughfest in his sleep almost every night around 10:00. His big, belly laughs make us laugh out loud. I love that he obviously has very happy dreams. And Emma? Well, she's BIG into knock, knock jokes right now. So I'll share the one she told me in the van the other day. Just a warning, she's five. And she doesn't totally get the whole idea yet.

Knock, knock.

who's there?


Boo who?

Now, the punch line would normally be something like "why are you crying" or "boo hoo, I'm so sad!" But that's not her style. Here's her version:

Boo hoo, there's a pineapple on your head and you slipped in the mud!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hilarious, isn't she?

Second, exercise goals. Well, of course that leads me back to the previous prompt about what makes me laugh! But really, I've noticed that I've been feeling exceptionally sluggish lately. And I think it's because we haven't been taking our evening walks. We normally walk 1 1/2 miles every night after dinner. But because of Jason's work schedule, his bout with the flu, and icky weather, we haven't walked in over a week. I didn't realize how much I enjoy those walks. It's a good time for us to talk about the day or the future, we see our neighbors, and stretch our legs a bit.

And ever since he became an instructor, Jason's gone from exercising every morning to two or three mornings a month, if he's lucky. The instructors work longer hours than the rest of the soldiers and are expected to exercise on their own time. And of course, maintain standards in order to be an example to the students. Well, it's awfully hard to find that extra time, especially if they want to have any family time (or heck, sleep) at all.

All in all, we need to find some time!! Got any?

And lastly, if you're still here, how does the weather affect my mood, creativity, and outlook on life? Well, for starters, I'm melting. We're just getting into the muggy 100 degree weather and it's already sapped all my energy. I haven't done anything creative in days and it's really hard to stay enthusiastic for the kids all day. Luckily, I have really great kids. We have a fairly strict routine with a good mix of activities and "down time". They seem to need the periodic breaks throughout the day as much as I do. The swimming lessons have helped tremendously. They get us out of the house relatively early, before it gets too hot, and get us active. So much better than just sitting around until we all feel ready to start the day!

So my goal for the next week (there is a week break in between swim lesson sessions) is: stay active! Go to the park, for walks, anything... and do it early in the day before the weather has a chance to steal our energy!


Stacey said...

I hear you on the energy sapping heat. If I didn't have a gym membership I would be a total slug in the summer.

loonyhiker said...

The humidity here in SC is about 100% right now and I am melting too! But seriously, I wish I could see into George's dreams and share the laugh. Maybe you could tape it so that it could be a saved memory for the future.

Judyy said...

Same here, re: the heat vs. my energy. If I want to get in a bike ride of any length, I have to get out before the sun gets above the treetops--otherwise I just wilt. And walks with Cocoa have dwindled to 15-20 minutes in the early morning and the late evening--in the afternoons, I can't even get a/c-boy out of the house LOL!

It's so easy to hibernate in the cool house on hot days.

Bonnie said...

Emma's joke sounds like something my son Ethan says! Kids are hilarious!I laughed out loud when I read that! Your evening walks sound lovely! Come to think of it we used to do that once upon a time too. As soon as it starts getting warmer and lighter in the evenings I am going to suggest to my hubby we do that again too! Thanks Meg for the inspiration!(and for your kind comments on my blog earlier!)Oh and your son laughing out loud in his dreams is hilarious too! Same time every evening? that is so funny and so odd!

Tink said...

A great read, all the way through. I definitely have to remember Emma's knock knock joke.

Lori said...

Hey Meg, cute joke. It's hard to exercise outside when it is so humid. And harder when one gets off track.

Dave said...

I love the headline. Can I get this blog entry in just four easy payments of $19.99?

And if it makes you feel any better, we're getting triple-digit temps every day now, and earlier this week we had really unusual high humidity. It was just like the East Coast. Man, I'm glad we won't see that kind of icky weather for the rest of the year.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't make you feel better. Hang in there!

heather said...

That humid heat is so exhausting, we have it here in the warm months too. I'm actually more active in winter this year, cause in summer it's too darn hot to walk.

glynis said...

My kids tell the same kind of knock knock jokes. Ours usually end with something like 'falling on their tushie' because the word 'tushie' has to be (in their opinion) the funniest word ever and makes anything you say funnier. Loved the post!