Saturday, June 03, 2006

Honey Do List!

So, Jason's away for just a couple more days, but I happen to know he's checking this blog regularly. Do you think if I post my Honey Do list here, it has a higher chance of getting done? Or maybe it's the guilt from being away for two weeks that will do it.

The grass. It is long.
The weeds. They are longer.
The mouse in our garage. Lives on.
The cars. They are dirty.
The mommy. She is tired.

Looking forward to Monday. Don't miss your flight, okay?


loonyhiker said...

Grass - let it grow long, then no one will notice the toys laying around!
Weeds - some people's weeds are other people's wildflowers
Mouse - let the wildlife live!
Car - no one usually steals a dirty car!
Mommy - will feel energized when Daddy comes home!

lol couldn't resist sticking up for poor guilt-ridden hubby

Anonymous said...

I love you last entry on the list, the one about Mommy :)

DSanchez @ DSP

Anonymous said...

I like Pat's answer there LOL And it's true - a dirty car is always overlooked by thieves: I couldn't wash mine and it was never troubled by vandalism or anything!

Tink said...

Pat said it best, lol

Bethy said...

Your list made me laugh out loud.
Hope you and Jason are having a nice reunion! Give me a day and then hand him the list again!

Karen said...

Non'e of it's important now he's home, except maybe the mouse.