Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Channeling my inner June Cleaver

applesauce, just like grandma's!

Well, I did it, I conquered my applesauce-making fears! And you know what? It was incredibly easy. I'm almost embarrassed to say how easy it was. But it sure does take a LOT of apples to make a little batch of applesauce! That bowl you see there is my smallest mixing bowl, and I used about seven small to mid-sized apples.

But it tasted excellent, just like Grandma's! So, Dave, I guess you're going to come visit now, right? You wanted Grandma's Lumpy Applesauce and this tasted just like hers (she confirmed it) and it certainly had lots of lumps! But no worms, I made sure to remove all traces of them.

Sunday was a simply gorgeous day here and the kids were outside all day. I, however, spent the day inside. With all the windows and doors open, enjoying the breeze and the smells, and cooking like I have rarely cooked before! First the applesauce, then two batches of banana bread, then I marinated and roasted a pork loin for dinner to go with our applesauce and some home-grown tomatoes, YUM!! (The tomatoes weren't from our garden, I fear, I think we placed ours in too sunny a spot, nothing survived.) Add in a vacuumed house, two loads of laundry, and two happy, tired kids and I think you can say that Sunday I reached my highest pinnacle of Mommyhood!

Then Monday came, and nothing got cleaned and we ate breaded meats from the frozen aisle. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me!!!

Dave said...

Looks good! Although by the time I could get there, I suspect the applesauce would all be gone.

And now for your next trick: Mason jars ...