Saturday, September 27, 2008


Little boy, happy to be going somewhere with Daddy, enters a store he's never seen.
Looking to the left, his eyes open wide.
"What do you see, buddy?"
"Donuts", he whispers, hands and forehead pressed against the glass display.
The lady behind the counter chuckles and bends down low, watching his face stare in wonder.
"Which one do you want? This one or this one?", she asks, pointing.
"This one or this one?", he echoes.
The chocolate covered one seems to be drawing his eyes, so into the box it goes along with many others.
Still wearing pajamas and slippers, they take breakfast home.
The chocolate covered donut is again pointed to and removed from the box.
And, in seconds, it is gone.

Happy SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) Saturday, may yours be fueled by sugar and wonder.


Maddy said...

Ooo my. He didn't need much persuasion then!

Oddly enough, I bought doughnuts about three days ago, the exact same choccy ones. Two were eaten in a nano second. The third has been skulling around the place ever since, being sniffed and poked like some kind of alien being.

Finally .....he ate it today. I'm sure the fungus will do him a pile of good.

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

Mmmmm, that donut looks good! Great photos and love the story behind them. You can just see the happiness radiating off him in that top photo :-)

My daughter does the echoing when responding to questions too.

Karen Bowers said...

what lovely poetry/prose you write, meg. thanks for taking us with them to the donut shop

melody is slurping life said...

I'm with him on the chocolate one. Going out in jammies with dad for donuts...could not get any better.

Love that you captured them bringing home the donuts. :)

Mandaroo said...

Tasty treat! Lucky guy (I haven't had one in months!!)

Maggie said...

What a great treat! He sure looks like he enjoyed it!

Rachel said...

Love the story with the pictures! Those are the childhood memories that are worth retelling!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Great story and pictures! I love the wonder on a kid's face when they see a display in a store like that. Wonderful memories!

Frogs' mom said...

Now that is a Daddy and Me memory if I ever saw one! Nothing but anticipation, bliss and chocolate - Happy SOOC indeed :0)

lonestar818 said...

Yummy! How cute, glad he enjoyed his donut :)