Friday, September 12, 2008


One year ago, my little girl was still willing to pose for my camera.

Begrudgingly, but willingly.
Isn't she pretty? She's aged a year since this picture was taken, and it startles me a bit to see the changes. They are little ones, but they are adding up into a "big kid". Yikes. The cheeks are a little thinner, all the limbs have stretched, the hair is longer, there are more freckles across her face... every little change makes her a bit more like me but takes her further away.

We had a long conversation last night about responsibilities and independence. She wants that freedom so very badly. I've tried to allow enough time in our various schedules, morning & evening, so that she can self-manage her time. But she's a bit of a dreamer, that girl. (cough, ADD, cough!) She told me last night that when she goes into her room to get dressed (into the bathroom to brush teeth, into the kitchen to put things in her backpack, into the living room to put toys away....) she starts thinking of other things and her brain gets too busy to remember what she's supposed to be doing. laugh! Yeah, I had gathered that for myself, as I would enter those rooms to check on her and, instead, catch her gazing off into space (or singing, or playing, or reading....).

So we talked about how I want to give her more opportunities, but right now I just can't trust her to take care of her responsibilities. Her response? Maybe I should stand right by her when she's getting dressed (brushing teeth, putting things away....) so that I can keep her moving.

Um, I'm not sure how that's independence, and it sure sounds a lot like what I end up doing anyway, but, okay?

I don't know how I'm going to reel this dreamer of mine in, enough for her to get through her days, without chasing away those dreams of hers; but I'm sure we'll figure it out.... side by side.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Meg ... I love what you said! How her looking more like you is taking her farther away ... and how to let her keep dreaming but get things accomplished! Sweet!
And don't we all have that problem? I know I do! Anyway, a really great post for me today ... thanks!