Monday, September 08, 2008

Simply Wonderful

Jason and I made a quick run up to Seattle over the weekend, to attend the wedding of one of my best friends from college. I was surprised and delighted to see a few friends from my undergrad years there. How amazing to see people that I haven't seen in thirteen years! (How scary that it's been 13 years!)

I was thinking about it on the drive home. I've never cared about high school reunions, always figured it would be the same people, gathering in their same groups, talking on the same levels....relegating me to the "drama geek" squad, hanging out in a corner somewhere, laughing uproariously about some very random subject. Fun, yes, but not my life now.

It was very interesting to realize that it doesn't necessarily work out that way. We spoke about our travels, our kids, our (vastly different) life paths, and we laughed. And got to know each other as adults. There were still glimmers of the intense, enthusiastic-about-everything, silly kids we were; but those glimmers were tempered by the experiences we have had and the new goals and families we have now. These were young friends I had said good-bye to and never expected to see again. They are now slightly older, but still wonderful friends I would love to keep in touch with. What a treasure, to re-meet and get to know these amazing people!

And check out the wedding location! Simply gorgeous, simply wonderful!


loonyhiker said...

What a beautiful location! How far away do you live from Seattle? I will be attending a weeklong conference there in April but we will probably wander around for awhile. I want to do the Olympic Nat'l Park and Mt. St. Helens. I don't know what else there is to do in Washington so if you have any advice for us to see and do, let me know. It will be in April so I'm not sure what the weather will permit us to do. I also can't decide if we will drive out to Seattle in our Toyota Prius or fly out there and rent a car but either way we plan to spend a few weeks on your side of the US.

Liz McCoy said...

what a treat!!! her dress was GORGEOUS!!!! The location GORGEOUS!!!

and how great it truly is to reconnect with people. Fills a teeny part of your heart you didn't even know needed filling.

Dave said...

With my high school 20th less than a month away, I've been dealing with a lot of this, especially since we have a website for people to post pictures and stories about themselves. I also ran into some people from high school recently at, of all things, a funeral. Trippy.