Saturday, April 15, 2006

Almost done!

Because really, you were dying for another backyard update, right? The first load of rock is in! Here's a picture (Gracie and her frisbee are an added bonus for your viewing pleasure):

If you have no idea why this is so exciting, click on the link to the right that takes you to our old blog site and scroll through March's entries to read the drama of the 238 sq. ft. dig. We have to get another load of rocks (the quarry is closed on the weekends, so it won't happen till Jason has another free lunch hour). And the gym thing will probably move around a bit so we have more room for the sandbox, but man! It's nice to be close to done! And now we can concentrate on getting the rest of the yard back in shape. Last year we have the greenest yard on the block, and it's killing Jason that we're falling behind some of the others this year!

And for those of you that remember our baby trees, it appears that several of them have survived the vicious attack of our neighbors' lawn mower (they were helping us our while we were out of town last summer, gee thanks), and there are little leaves all over the place. Time to de-crabgrass that area and give them some breathing room. Hopefully, we'll get all this work done soon, because it's 88 degrees today and I'm already dying. Heck, we've got a good 30 degrees to go until we hit full heat!

Well, that's enough excitement for you today! I'll try to share the backyard drama in small doses from here on out, I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with the emotion and thrills!

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