Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No more rocks, please!

These are the last pictures of rocks, I promise! But gosh, it feels good to have this done! Now we have a clean area for the kids to play and we can move on to the NEXT project!! Okay, I really have no idea what that will be. Don't worry, I'll try not to inundate you with boring pictures. I planted some tomatoes and sugar snap peas today, I hope it's not too early in the season. I only dug up a small area to see if they would take. If they do, I have all kinds of other things that I want to plant, just to see if I can manage to grow anything.

Jason's opinion is that I should have Emma plant anything I want to harvest. Her thumb is amazingly green! She planted bird seed about a month ago in a small pot. It proceeded to sit out on our deck and get SNOWED on. Now? Yeah, it's growing like crazy. I don't what it's going to be, but it's about 8 inches tall with little white flowers, so Emma's happy.

Projects of a different kind. With Emma no longer napping, keeping her busy is a full time job. She's so darn smart it's hard to remember that she's just barely five and can't completely entertain herself yet. So if you have any great craft ideas, let me have 'em!

And George is a project in and of himself. He's doing so much better with his socialization. I can take him to a store and he'll actually walk beside me! Unbelievable, trust me. And we work day to day on little words. We can see the ideas starting to click, and he does more for his speech therapist than he does for us, so there is some progress there. We've decided with his therapist that next fall they will run more tests to see the extent of his developmental delays. We're all hoping that a summer full of fun and mental stimulation will encourage him in his progress.

Jason continues on with the teaching. They are horribly understaffed, so he's had opportunities to be the primary teacher several times already, much earlier than normal. And he still loves it and hopes to be fully qualified soon.

I'm busy writing my class whenever I can find some spare minutes. It's going to be on DSP's June class schedule, so I need to finish soon! But I'm excited about that and curious as to what kind of interest it will garner. I hope it appeals to a wide range of people/abilities.

Wow, this ended up MUCH longer than intended! I hope a couple of you made it this far! Tomorrow I'll think of something short and sweet to say!


Judyy said...

Lots going on at your house! Be careful about planting things--that can become yet another addiction--just what you need, right? LOL BTW, basil grows easily and is great for making fresh pesto sauce and jazzing up salads.
Good luck with all your projects!

Canay said...

Problem is, if you plant things you have to take care of them and will have less time for digi scrapping!

Yep...Basil is easy to grow and so is Rosemary. The only two herbs that I can grow and actually use. I told DH that I would love to plant tomatoes and zucchini this year. Yummy!

Ooohhhh, how exciting that you will be teaching a class. What is the subject about?