Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Food, glorious food!

Gosh, I'm sorry, ma'am that my two-year-old is screaming at an ear piercing level. Maybe if you hadn't gone to the 12-Item Express lane with your 23 items and equal number of coupons, oh and if the clerk hadn't had to go over to the cigarette area to find you your Marlboro's, and you hadn't written a CHECK, we would have been done with our shopping and out of the store before my tired, hungry son had a meltdown. But sometimes, this is the way it goes, know what I mean? By the way, we might all be able to move faster if you would quit turning around and glaring at me and get busy putting your CHECKBOOK away into your suitcase, I mean purse, and GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!!


Thanks guys, I had to get that out of my system!

So, with warm weather comes the season where I feel less and less like cooking in a hot kitchen and more like playing outside with my kids. Consequently, I have a hard time thinking of meals that sound interesting. Have any good ideas for me?

Tonight we're having pork tenderloin and I'll use the leftovers to make sweet and sour pork in a couple of days. That's about as adventurous as I get! Most days, J comes home to find some random meat on the counter, waiting to be BBQed. Luckily he loves to grill!

I forgot to check if the store had any artichokes in. Mmmmmmm. I love them. Jason called them Martian Brains and thinks I'm insane, but I love 'em! I have got to find a farm stand around here this year so I can get some fresh produce. I'll eat just about anything that's fresh off the farm. Okay, I just ate lunch, but now I'm hungry again! Guess I'll end this random collection of thoughts!

I'll leave you with yesterday's layout. Another one using pic from Emma's photo shoot last week!
Hard Out page kit by Lauren Bavin, Custom Color Chipboard Alphabet by Lauren Bavin


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,

I love your new site- the slide show on the right is way too cool!


Dave said...

Ah, you have come over to the Blogspot side. You will be assimilated...

Cool slide show sidebar. I've never seen that before. Then again, I'm not hip deep in internet/computer slide creation technologies the way you are.

I'll modify my blogroll accordingly.

I was going to warn you about the comment spam that usually afflicts Blogger, but they appear to have added a verification field. Great idea.

Andrée said...

Seriously! That INFURIATES me too! Cna't they count?! I've seen a clerk tell someone to go to another counter before, so it's not like it can' tbe ndone :P

Love the new digs, of course, I don,t remember what the old looked like...