Monday, April 17, 2006

Because she's brilliant

Emma received a new book last week. It's called "The Hoppameleon" by Paul Geraghty. It's a very well written and amusing. The title character is this little guy ------------------->

He's a very odd looking fellow with a very odd problem: He doesn't know who he is. As we go through the book, he creates a name for himself based on the other creatures he meets and the qualities he shares with them. Example, he hunts like a chameleon and hops like a grasshopper, thus "hoppameleon".

Anyhoo, with each page he adds to his description, creating an everlengthening and parent-tongue-twisting name. As he hops off at the end with a friend, happy with his name, I asked Emma if she thought he really was a ".........hoppameleon" (I don't want to ruin the story for you). I had thought she would respond that, no, he's just a frog.

Well, she did, in a way. She looked at me and with a laugh, replied, "Of course not, Mama, he's a red-eyed tree frog, of course!"
Of course.

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