Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Funny is good

Well? What do you think of my new digs? In pursuit of more customization and comment-ability, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I feel like a member of the cool group now! Best part of this? It has spell check! Thank goodness! Before, I always had to proof my entries in Word or an email (because I am a lazy speller who should really be better due to the sheer number of books I read).

I've imported yesterday's entry, but all others will remain on the old site. From now on, though, this will be the place to come for updates. Please bookmark accordingly! I still have some work to do on adding links and such, but I'm learning .html language as I go, so please be patient!

My blog prompt today was humor, because my head cold has settled in my sinuses and I am having a hard time keeping mine! So, here's my take on humor:

Don't you love it when both of you have a cold? When one falls asleep, the other has a coughing fit. When the other falls asleep, the first blows their nose. Then, when both are sleeping, the stuffy nose snoring contest begins!

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Canay said...

Hi blog! Thank you for motivating us over at DSP to update our blogs.