Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brain Candy and Escapism

Today's blog prompt was to write about favorite books:

Whenever life gets stressful, or I don't have too much time but need a little escapism, I go to the library and get what I call Brain Candy. Books that are enjoyable but don't require much thinking. LeVeryl Spencer, Barbara Delinsky, Nora Roberts and other writers of liiiiiiiiiight mystery/romance can usually be read in an afternoon. Lately, George has gotten to the point where we can make quick trips to the library after exhausting him at the park, so I've been able to peruse the New Additions shelf. Notice I said shelf. It's a small one, maybe three feet long? One shelf. Sigh. But, I've certainly read books I never would have before.

But my favorite authors are definitely Jodi Piccoult and Dean Koontz. I can recommend just about anything they've written, though they are vastly different. Piccoult writes about subjects that are very timely and presents them in such a way that you relate to every character and see every side of the issue. Very thought provoking. Koontz is crazy and ranges from monsters to psychological thrillers to spiritual mysteries. Other faves: Anita Shreeve, Elizabeth Berg, Anna Quinlen...gosh, I read a lot of women writers, never realized that before. I admit that I'll read just about anything though, I get sucked in pretty easily. Even if the book is boring, I have a strange compulsion to see it through to the end. I've actually had to pay late fees at the library because a book took me so long to drag through!

Completely random note:
My favorite part about staying up late these days is listening to my son. When he was born, we originally had him in our room. It didn't take us very long to move him into his own room because he is the NOISIEST sleeper!!!! He snores, snorts, moves around, sighs, it's amazing he doesn't wake himself up. But his current nighttime habit? He laughs. Great big belly laughs that erupt periodically for up to half an hour sometimes. Man, I wish I knew what he was dreaming about, it sounds like fun!


Stacey said...

Have you read Stephanie Laurens? She does romance with a mild mystery. Some mysteries are better than others but I've always found her an entertaining read.

glynis said...

You ladies are all giving me authors to put on my list! I think this is a topic we need to do often!

carla said...

I have read a few books by Dean Koontz, but not recently. Wonderful writer but scarry as H---
You get the point.