Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is there an echo in here?

One of my most-used nicknames for Emma is Distracto Kid. Her brain is so full of stories and thoughts, that she forgets she's on Earth at times. Today is one of those days. On the swings at the park, I had to remind her to pump her legs, because she'd get so caught up in watching other kids or talking to her friend that she would slowly drift to a stop. And I'm pretty sure that I've had to repeat every single thing I've said to her.

Emma, can you please bring me my camera?

Sure. What?

Can you bring me my camera?

Oohhhhhh, okay. Your camera?

Yes, it's on the desk.

Okay. [takes a few steps] It's on the desk?


My camera?

No, my camera, the silver one, by the computer.

Oohhhhh, okay. It's on the desk?


Okay! I'll get it!

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debra said...

Too funny! Sounds like me when I'm on the computer... I remember when I use to work as an office manager and someone came up to me while I was on the computer and told me they were going to take the next day off. I said,"ok by me" (supposedly) - The next day I couldn't understand why they weren't at work! Emma, I hear ya girl!